Best laptops for high school students 2024

Best laptops for high school students 2024: Laptops can provide you everything that you need in one convenient form. You can use multiple devices across different parts of your day. But before we get into that subject, let us take a look at the best laptops for high school students in 2023 that can easily be used outside the classroom. We will discuss each laptop’s pros, cons, and features for both males and females. So these gadgets will help provide the best possible solutions for high school seniors and juniors from all over the United States. As a student, you’re probably already aware of the benefits that learning on your laptop can provide you with. There are countless apps and software that allow us to access educational material from anywhere in the world. These apps help us work on assignments while we go about our daily lives, as well as keep up with everyday life activities like shopping online or even sending emails. The options are endless, so it’s important to know which laptops fit best for us. Below are some of the most innovative devices currently available. Some of these devices allow students to learn offline, while others are more efficient using the internet. Here is everything you need to know about these top-notch devices from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Acer, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC, Asus, Panasonic, and more.

Key Considerations:

Before diving into the laptop recommendations, it’s important to understand the key factors that high school students should consider when choosing a laptop.

Battery LifeHigh
Operating SystemMedium
Storage and MemoryHigh
Display QualityMedium
Connectivity and PortsMedium

Best laptops for high school students 2023

Laptop ModelProcessorRAM (GB)Storage (GB/SSD)Price Range
Dell Inspiron 14Intel Core i58256 SSD$600-$800
MacBook Air (M2)Apple M28256 SSD$900-$1,100
ASUS ZenBook 13AMD Ryzen 716512 SSD$800-$1,000
Lenovo ThinkPad L14Intel Core i716512 SSD$900-$1,200
HP Envy x360AMD Ryzen 512256 SSD$700-$900

1. MacBook Air

This is an amazing laptop for the price range of $450 and up. It comes with a 16.6-inch Full HD display, as well as Intel Celeron N4000 processor with 2GB RAM and 512GB storage. This laptop has a good amount of durability and it is light enough to meet your needs on long days while using it. In addition to this excellent performance, which exceeds expectations, this laptop also comes with a touch screen for easier navigation on its own. You can buy this laptop online for less than $700.

2. Acer Swift 3

This laptop from Acer is another fantastic choice for those looking to keep track of their work and assignments. To begin with, it offers the highest quality screen on any laptop, with a size of 13-inch display and up to 300 nits. This powerful laptop provides you with a high-performance CPU with 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and Intel G7 processor. Moreover, it comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS built-in and gives you plenty of security with 256-bit AES encryption when needed. With this laptop, you do not have to pay extra for additional accessories and you do not need to worry about anything taking more than a week to restore. After buying the laptop, you simply take it out and enjoy it. It could be difficult to return if it fails to function, so you have to be very careful with this laptop.

3. HP Pavilion

This laptop is considered to be among the most reliable choices for high school students. As compared to other users’ products, this computer comes with a brand new keyboard for ease in typing as well as for convenience of carrying and managing documents and files. With this device, you can perform everyday tasks easily without fear of losing data. And with this machine, you can keep up with life on the go without worrying too much about time and distance. This laptop comes in various configurations ranging from 64-inch to 16-inches and in terms of power, the average user will find around 2.4 GHz, so this device is perfect for people who wish to play apps or games uninterrupted, stay focused, and do not miss out on important information.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim Series A 10

The IdeaPad Slim Series A 10 is another ideal laptop for all users. This product comes with a 9.65-inch full HD touch display and 8-inches wide touchscreen. Compared with many other notebooks and even phones on the market today, this laptop allows you to have all the essential software like Microsoft Office, Windows 7, MacOS, and Safari on one compact machine. Its only disadvantage is that the hard drive is very small. If you wish to upgrade the internal components, there are few options available on the internet. Since many people prefer premium quality and reliability above the standard budget, this laptop is very cheap and suitable for everyone.

5. Apple M1 MacBook Pro

M1 MacBook Air is a powerful and good laptop but the M1 machine is one of the finest machines for all students. The speedometer gets a bit low at 0.25 seconds even after hitting the brakes. However, you do not have to worry too much about its battery life because it lasts longer than typical notebook batteries. But it comes with a non-replaceable battery which means that the battery life is always usable even if you are away. Overall, Apple m1 MacBook Pro looks extremely cool with its sleek appearance, incredible performance, and long battery life.

6. Dell XPS 17

The Dell xps 17 is one of the best laptop for high school students in 2023. It has been a huge success to date and the model is the latest in Dell’s line of computers. This notebook comes with an ultra durable chassis. However, it is not only superior in physical performance but in functionality too as well. The main feature of this particular laptop is its outstanding battery life. Despite its thin build, this thing keeps the entire family safe and secure. This machine holds two 16 GB of memory and it can handle almost all applications because of its advanced dual-core architecture. All you need to do is open the notebook when it comes to starting your homework or writing reports or studying more than 5 hours of content. Furthermore, by connecting and connecting to external devices such as wireless mice, it ensures safety and efficiency.

7. Toshiba IdeaPad 330 2-in-1

This is exactly what I wanted to buy for my future projects. This laptop is made of high-quality materials, reliable, and useful as well. It possesses great processing capabilities of up to 14GHz that makes the whole machine even faster than other notebooks. By simply plugging this laptop to power sources, multiple devices are connected simultaneously. These ports create a fast connection between the computers and also provide connectivity to the smartphone or tablet. Also, this laptop has a super durable chassis, making you feel more confident whenever you use this machine. When you consider all the features mentioned, then you do not have to worry about paying extra for any additional details if a part of your project goes wrong with it. Thus, with this laptop you do not have to think about expensive damages.

8. Samsung Galaxy NoteBook S4

This is the best notebook ever made by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy NoteBook S4 features a gorgeous 11.6-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, making it the largest such display in the world. Also, it can work with Android 4.2 with no issues. What makes this device remarkable is its battery life. If you are on the road for a long period, the Galaxy Notebook S4 can last up to eight hours on standby which means that this notebook is perfectly suited for long drives like music, movies, or video streaming. Therefore, this notebook brings the best of both worlds- and more importantly, the highest quality performance. Due to above amazing specs we added Samsung galaxy notebook S4 into the list of best laptops for high school students 2022.

9. Acer Nitro 15

The Acer Nitro 15 uses a unique touch-sensitive stylus and works with Windows and Chrome, making it one of the best notebook with a great interface and an attractive design. The notebook comes with a stunning screen with a minimum size of 12 inches and displays a resolution of 1920 X 1200 pixels. This notebook comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI connectivity. Lastly, this notebook connects to external devices like mice, headphones or speakers without cable, making it fully compatible. This notebook is extremely versatile because can be used as a PC, a mobile phone, a gaming terminal, or more than a laptop. It comes with several versions of windows including version 7 and 8.

10. K2A15 Smart Notebook (Black)

This notebook is the latest entrant in the smart notebook segment, coming with an innovative style, stylish designs, and amazing performance. It is equipped with the same screen size as previous models but has a slightly smaller height. This notebook runs on either a non-touching and non-erasing or erasing mode. If you use this model as a mobile phone, it is easy to connect your thumb fingers to this notebook because the fingerprint sensor embedded in this notebook works with fingerprint scanner installed in the phone. Apart from being the smartest notebook on the list, this notebook also comes with a lot of features that make it perfect for every person. Firstly, it has a large storage space of 4800 MB. Secondly, it has Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi capabilities to allow anyone to listen music through Bluetooth network. Besides providing lots of benefits, it also has some interesting features of its own like Touch ID support, automatic brightness control, 360 nits color display, audio input, and camera. Such a beautiful notebook for your money!

11. Macbook Air (2020)

The new MacBook Air is quite impressive. It’s one of the newest devices released by the Intel brand, and provides all of the functionality of older MacBooks. However, it also has a lot of capabilities over its predecessors. This includes support for high-resolution display displays, better performance overall, and faster processors. Additionally, this latest model offers an incredible amount of storage space, 16GB of RAM, 64GB of SSD storage, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth 5.

The features and functions of this model include a 2.3GHz dual core octa-core CPU with 4 cores and 8MB of dedicated cache, 512GB of onboard memory, 16GB of NVMe SSD storage, Thunderbolt 3, a single Gigabit port, full HDMI connectivity, USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, Audio out, and lots more. Its size is just the proper size for both portable and desktop computer users. With this machine in mind, here are some more features to look forward to.

12 – Acer Swift 11e

The Acer Swift 12c7 was released back in 2016. From what I’ve heard, the current release is even older than it is today. That’s why the company is releasing two versions of the device. The models come with different screen sizes, depending on what you use them for. The A15 models have been incredibly popular, selling over 30,000 units per day. They were awarded awards, such as ‘Best Product’ at CES 2020 and ‘Most Innovative Display Technology’ at E2. This device will be available in four more color variations: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Black (also known as Starlight).

This model comes in several configurations from 2.4GHz to 17.8GHz, 1.4GHz to 15.8GHz, 16.8GHz to 18.8GHz, 20.8GHz to 25Ghz and 24Ghz to 35Ghz. Also, there exist separate variants for certain models. The Pro version contains Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, 16 GB/256 GB of onboard memory, 256 MB/512 GB of flash storage, and 16 gigabits of wired WiFi. The Premium is priced around $1099. The standard is priced $1,099 for 128GB of onboard storage, which is ideal for school work but not much longer term use.

13 – Alienware m17

The recent upgrade to the current iteration of Alienware products, the M17, is definitely worth looking forward to. Currently, this is the only gaming laptop available. In fact, AMD has announced plans to launch their own alternative to GPUs within 18 months. So, if you’re looking to upgrade to something faster, consider Alienware 17. If you want to get involved in a competitive gaming environment then the M17 isn’t quite right. But it’s still an excellent product that has a decent price tag.

14 – Apple’s entry-level iPad Air

The very first time Apple launched their mobile computers in 2014, they gave away free iPads in order to test and develop the technology. Since then, this model never gained popularity. Most companies now prefer smartphones for their primary devices, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot make great quality devices like the iPad.

The tablet is priced at $329. While it’s not cheap given how large the screen is and other specs, this model does offer plenty of value when compared to other tablets on the market. It’s easy to see why many people choose it as their main computing device.

15 – ThinkPad X1 Yoga

There’s no denying that the IdeaPad X1 Yoga is a magnificent device. When Apple introduced the ThinkPad X1 Yoga last year, it came as a highly capable and affordable device.

It’s essentially a second-generation Kaby Lake-based ARM processor, which means it’s way ahead of the competition. And despite the limited GPU features and less powerful graphics card, this laptop can handle almost every task that you could possibly imagine being done on it. What makes this model special? Well, the base version has eight gigabytes of onboard memory, making it ideal for video editing, rendering, and sketching. Although there’s no discrete connection, power delivery, audio, fingerprint reader, etc., the version running Windows 10 offers a wireless mouse, stylus, keyboard, and external mouse dock.

16 – Dell Inspiron 14

One of the first devices made by a laptop manufacturer in North America, these machines have proven themselves as reliable choices by consumers. Thanks to the low price point and built-in security, most business owners are willing to pay extra cash for the lowest-risk devices that can guarantee great performance, safety, and protection.

The Dell Inspiron 14 (2020) remains to be the smallest yet light and thin notebook. Equipped with an optional RTX 3080 Max Q-Processor, the model is perfectly suited to any tasks you do on the go or during class.

17 – LG Thin & Light ZL  

The LG Thin & Light ZL (2020) might not have the greatest feature list that is typical for a lightweight, premium lap-top laptop but its excellent battery life and weight make it a worthy purchase.

In terms of specifications, the model is based upon the 11th gen version of the series, but it’s optimized for mobile operation. The screen options include FHD, 1920 x 1200 resolution, and the latter, UHD, up to 4096 x 2400 resolution. The operating system is Chrome OS and it ships with Android OTA. The optional micro SD Card slot is supported. The chassis is aluminum and its dimensions are slightly larger than that of regular laptops.

18 – MSI GF1415U

This is another budget option that doesn’t lack some features and features. Even though the model’s design features a plastic exterior and non-glossy finish, it’s powered by a Celeron N4075 Processor, Mali-G77 GPU, a GTX 1650 Ti, a 500Gb of DDR4-3633 RAM, and 512Gb of NVMe SSD storage. It has a good camera system in addition to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB charging, and optical drives.

If you wish to improve the model and give it a little edge over its competitors, this is the best model on the market. It’s small enough and powerful enough to deliver content quickly from anywhere at high speed. Despite the expensive price tag, the GF1415U is highly recommended and should easily be able to fulfill the requirements of everyone on your team.

19 – ASUS ROG R15 Gaming

The Asus ROG ROG R15 Games offers outstanding graphics, good performance, and long battery lifespan. Other key features include a fully customizable touchpad for multi-finger typing, Bluetooth 5.0, and dual webcam system. It offers 13.5 inch full HD displays (1,560 x 1600), which gives gamers a perfect balance between immersive gameplay and high screen quality. Due to the powerful GPU and Nvidia GeForce MX450 graphics card with ray tracing, this laptop can run ray tracing games at 60 Hz resolutions. All these combine to create a dynamic experience and give you a true sense of immersion.

20 – Asus ZenBook E13

Another budget offering that allows you to explore your creativity without spending too much money on hardware. Unlike the previous iterations, this laptop features a high-powered, flexible, and extremely fast Core i3-9030U process with a quad-core, 8-core Nvidia CUDA DIGITAL PROCESSOR and 32 Gb of onboard memory. The device supports the recently unveiled Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, allowing you to connect to up to three wireless devices simultaneously. One of the rare advantages of this model is its flexibility to use multiple connections including LAN, wireless, Bluetooth, internal, and PCI Express.

21 – Logitech Crayon Zephyrus Z

The Huawei Zephyrus Z  is arguably a contender among devices of its kind. Not only is it cheaper than similar models, it’s also faster and comes equipped with superfast technologies that are far superior for multimedia applications and graphics games. The chip is Qualcomm’s flagship, the Kirin 970T. Like the original unit, the Z is available with either Thunderbolt 1 or Thunderbolt 3.

It’s got a sleek design and a comfortable feel. It also boasts dual cameras and support for Dolby Atmos. An added advantage is its ability to host video calling applications simultaneously. Moreover, the presence detection on-device helps you detect and locate the nearest device for your needs.

22 – Moto G60

The Moto G60 from Xiaomi is one of the least expensive laptops ever sold on the Chinese e-commerce site Ant. Apart from prices being comparatively lower for such a device, this model is packed with unique features similar to those.


You’re sure to find the perfect device for your individual needs. This article helps you to choose the best laptops for high school students 2023. There are many other options available on Amazon. However, you should definitely see these laptops when shopping because these are the one of the best laptops for high school students 2023. Keep visiting laptopmarvel for best tips & tricks related to laptops & accessories.


FAQ 1: What features should I look for in a laptop for a high school student?

Answer: When choosing a laptop for a high school student, consider factors such as portability, performance, and battery life. Look for a lightweight and durable design, a processor with enough power for multitasking and school projects, and a battery that can last throughout the school day. Additionally, having sufficient RAM and storage space is crucial for handling various applications and storing documents. A good keyboard and a clear, vibrant display are also important for comfortable use and effective learning.

FAQ 2: Are Chromebooks a suitable option for high school students?

Answer: Chromebooks can be a great choice for high school students, especially if most of their tasks involve web-based applications and cloud storage. They are generally affordable, lightweight, and have fast boot times. However, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of the student’s coursework. If specialized software or applications that are not compatible with Chrome OS are necessary, a Windows or Mac laptop might be a better fit. Evaluate the curriculum and software requirements before deciding on the type of laptop.

FAQ 3: What is the ideal budget for a high school student’s laptop?

Answer: The ideal budget for a high school student’s laptop can vary based on individual needs and preferences. However, a good range to consider is typically between $500 to $1,000. In this price range, you can find laptops with decent processing power, sufficient RAM, and reliable storage. Keep in mind that investing in a durable and well-built laptop is essential to ensure it lasts throughout the high school years. Consider the student’s specific requirements, such as any software needs or preferences for a particular operating system, when determining the budget.