How To Add RAM To A Laptop – 2023

Adding or installing RAM into a laptop does not require a lot of knowledge or skills about laptops or computers.  You can perform this task at home step-by-step by reading this article. The overall process of adding memory modules, or RAM, in a laptop, is practically the same starting with one brand then onto the next; today, virtually every laptop design puts an entrance board on the lower part of the laptop and uses correspondingly latching sockets. Here is the complete solution of how to add RAM to a laptop in easy steps.

how to add ram to a laptop

  • Switch off the laptop by using the Windows shut-down process. Remember that you lose your information if you use Sleep or Hibernation mode.
  • Turn off the AC connector link that runs to the laptop. Why eliminate the AC connector and the battery prior to introducing memory modules? First of all, connecting them while power is on could bring about harm to the RAM. Besides, accomplishing any work on a laptop while power is applied could bring about a harming sparkle.
  • Eliminate the battery.
  • Disconnect all the other cables connected to the laptop, including an Ethernet link or a phone modem wire. Assuming that the laptop has been running as of late, permit it to cool for around 15 minutes; memory modules can turn out to be very hot when they are being used.
  • Find a little Phillips-head screwdriver. This is the screwdriver with a X-molded head.
  • Place a delicate fabric or other defensive mat on a work area.
  • Turn the laptop over so its base is looking up.
  • Find the memory module opening cover.
  • Cautiously eliminate the screw that holds the cover over the memory compartment. Hold the screwdriver at a right point to the lower part of the laptop and turn the screw cautiously; it shouldn’t need a great deal of power to eliminate. When the screw is taken out, put it in a protected spot. Utilize a piece of clear tape to join it to the work area or the side of the PC.
  • Ground yourself prior to contacting the memory module. Contact any grounded metal surface, similar to a light stand, or contact the middle screw on a power plug.
  • Cautiously eliminate another memory module from its bundling. Abstain from contacting the connectors; doing as such can lessen conductivity due to oils on your finger.
  • Find an unfilled module opening. If two sockets are in the compartment and the best one is filled and the base is vacant, eliminate the top module first.
  • Get the memory module by its sides and point its connectors toward the socket. Make sure to adjust the notch in the connector to the matching key in the socket.
  • Slide the module into place. Adjust the notch in the connector of the memory module with the relating key in the socket.
  • Adjust the score in the connector of the memory module with the relating key in the attachment. Most sockets adjust at around a 30-degree point.
  • When the module is completely embedded into the socket, push down on the top edge of the gadget to hook it into place. This way it’s level to the laptop’s base. The transporter should fit properly with locks.
  • Supplant the memory compartment cover and lock it down with the screw.
  • Softly push the module, in its transporter, back to a level position on the lower part of the laptop. Softly push the module, in its transporter, back to a level situation on the lower part of the PC. It should delicately lock into place.

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Your memory is now added successfully! Boot up and partake in a more responsive laptop that is presently better prepared to run memory-intensive applications.

Hopefully, this article will help you with how to add RAM to a laptop. Now you can easily install a ram to a laptop without facing any issue.

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