How to check laptop charger is genuine in 2024

How to check laptop charger is genuine: When it comes to keeping your laptop charged and ready to go, it’s important to make sure that you’re using a genuine charger. Counterfeit or knock-off chargers can be dangerous and potentially damage your laptop, so it’s crucial to know how to identify a genuine charger. In this blog post, we will explore some tips on how to check if your laptop charger is genuine. From checking certifications to looking for the brand logo, we’ll go over some key indicators that can help you determine if your charger is the real deal. By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to ensure that your laptop is getting the power it needs from a safe and reliable source.

How to check laptop charger is genuine

In light of the following standards, you can recognize a quality charger and fake items.


Typically the least expensive cost of value laptop charger price is about 15$, so assuming a laptop fix focus on statements that the charger you are holding is just 5$, you should consider the quality immediately. Definitely, this is a bad-quality laptop charger, distorted parts are so cheapest.


A certified laptop charger, plastic quality will look adaptable and good. Likewise, the parts are perfectly machined, not overabundance, but fit.

The laptop charger frequently uses a low-quality plastic shell; it is weaker and more delicate. At the point when you contact, you will feel harsh, and the charger line is typically unfilled, so the contorted wire feels lopsided. Indeed, even some imitation chargers don’t have cord parts.

Stamps on charging

In the event that you focus you will see the nature of the body connector, the sticker is in every case pasted perfectly, the text on the stamp is additionally printed plainly, sharp, no haze. While the bad quality charging lines are the inverse, the stamps are once in a while deluding, the print stroke is obscured.

Weight of Charger:

As per experience, the veritable laptop charger when holding will give a feeling of conviction and weight comparable to the old unique charger as indicated by the machine. In actuality, charging laptop clones will feel a lot lighter, in any event, when shaking, hear the sound of channel heaps inside.

A few other qualities:


Regularly, the size of the clones will be more modest than the quality charger, as they have been limited for assembling materials when made.

Slot on adapter:

With a decent laptop charger, the opening in the charger will be exceptionally close, and the connector is greater.


You notice that the jack from the power rope connected to the charger to the charging division of the quality charging office will have its own unique image, and for impersonation clones, this detail is regularly neglected.

Rubber Button connected to transformer box:

The rubber button of a good charger is machined solidly, not free, and simple to sprung as charging.

With the above data, I hope you will be able to how to check laptop charger is genuine or fake by yourself. To guarantee 100 percent of the nature of the charger, it is ideal to look to respectable shops to get yourself a decent quality laptop charger.

Effects of using poor quality chargers

You cannot quickly identify the unsafe impacts of using a laptop charger, however, it will require a significant stretch of time to use to see its harmful consequences for the laptop.

Computer charging:

When experiencing difficulty with the electric flow, it is not difficult to prompt fire and blast, in light of the fact that the transformer box of the laptop charging division is impervious to hotness and low pressure. Additionally, the electric wires of the charger are likewise simple to be hot, simple to break, which can cause electric spillage exceptionally perilous.

For batteries:

A quick drop of a laptop battery is the aftereffect of using a fake charger, which is reasonable in light of the fact that there is no assurance of determinations, output voltage.

For main of computer:

Using bad quality OEM charger, when not providing the right voltage for the main, will harm parts in the main.


“In conclusion, it is important to check if your laptop charger is genuine as counterfeit chargers can be dangerous and potentially damage your laptop. To ensure that you have a genuine charger, you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer. Additionally, you can check for certifications, look for the brand logo, and inspect the cable and connector for any defects or inconsistencies. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your laptop charger is genuine and keep your device safe. For further insights into laptop safety and quality, consider reading an Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G review to understand how top-quality components contribute to a laptop’s overall reliability.”

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How to match laptop with charger?

To match your laptop with the fitting charger, you should initially recognize the sort of charger and afterward plug it into the comparing port. Older laptops will use a barrel connector, whereas fresher ones will use a USB-C.

How would you charge a laptop without the charger?

It is feasible to charge a laptop without the charger, however, it isn’t fitting. There are numerous ways of doing this, however, they all can possibly harm the laptop. The most secure method for doing this is to use a vehicle charger or battery pack.

Is is possible to charge a laptop without AC adapter?

No, you can’t charge a laptop without an AC connector. You really need an AC connector to control the laptop, which runs the battery.

A laptop is controlled by a battery that is charged by an AC connector. On the off chance that the laptop doesn’t have an AC connector connected, it doesn’t have the ability to run and can’t charge its own battery.

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