How to check laptop screen is original or not

How to check laptop screen is original or not: We are living in a technology era, and we have access to great devices that help us carry out our daily tasks easily. There are plenty of things on the mobile phones, such as, music player, video player, camera, flashlight, microphone, etc., these days it’s very easy to take your precious time with you anywhere, anytime. But what do you know about the laptop? Does your phone show up on the screen when doing something important? This question arises because most people use their laptops as an essential part of their life. However, there are quite a few questions that come into the mind when asked if the laptop is authentic or not. So let me show you an answer to this question how to check laptop screen is original or not?

How to check laptop screen is original or not

This is very obvious. If the screen shows up on top and bottom, the device is probably counterfeit. Also, some laptops don’t show anything and might be showing all-time-on-time information. So, if your computer does not appear in the viewfinder, it is likely to be a counterfeited item.

However, it is possible if someone has done a technical error. A bad battery charge might happen during charging, but it goes to zero after several hours. Or, an external hard drive that might get damaged and have no storage space will be unable to read the file. The easiest way to find out if a product is real is to use a lazer (a magnifier) to look at the picture. The lazer is placed on the back of the unit and is used to see if it resembles any kind of thing that looks like a normal desktop with an appropriate logo. It might be a fake; the first time the buyer tries to purchase that object, he/she can tell right away. You need to note that a lot of products on Amazon are fake, especially those where you look for the same thing multiple times (such as, tablet PC, TV, smartphone, smartwatch, etc.).

Other Important Things That Happen When Buying Your Laptop

You can start by looking through the manuals, getting help for troubleshooting issues that arise, reading reviews of different kinds and the type of problems, and then choose the one that seems to fit best for you and your preferences. One should also learn about the different types of software available on the market.

Inform Yourself Of Anything About Branding For All Devices

If your laptop seems to run smoothly, it’s definitely true. In case the brand name isn’t clear to you, ask yourself, “What makes my laptop special?. The price for a certain laptop and the amount of money required may make one feel hesitant. But this shouldn’t discourage a person from choosing the best laptop. They should know that buying online is always safer, doesn’t put one at risk, offers better warranties, and other benefits. Besides, there are numerous brands that offer comparable products. Don’t get caught up in the hype, make an informed decision, and buy a durable laptop instead of a cheaper copy. Also, consider purchasing some extra things, such as, cable & USB cords, extension cords, power adapter, etc. It won’t hurt to spend a little bit of money and add a freebie to your package, which is often considered a bonus when you think about the next time you shop. So in this article you’ve learned: How to check laptop screen is original or not.


The quest for an original laptop screen isn’t just about authenticity; it’s about securing the best performance and compatibility for your device. Verifying the originality of a laptop screen is an investment in quality and peace of mind.

By understanding the importance of serial numbers, brand labels, and thorough physical inspections, you equip yourself with the tools to identify genuine screens. Utilizing online verification tools and seeking guidance from experts further solidifies your confidence in the authenticity of your purchase.

The risks associated with non-original screens—ranging from compatibility issues to compromised display quality—are significant. Ensuring you source replacement screens from authorized retailers or official stores becomes imperative to maintain your laptop’s warranty and guarantee seamless functionality.

Remember, if there’s any doubt about the authenticity of a screen already installed, seeking professional advice is a prudent step. Certified technicians and manufacturer support can assist in confirming the legitimacy of the component.

Ultimately, the authenticity of your laptop screen is foundational to your device’s overall performance and durability. It’s a small but crucial detail that contributes significantly to your computing experience.

So, whether you’re in need of a replacement screen or considering an upgrade, prioritizing authenticity ensures that your laptop performs at its peak, displaying every pixel with precision and reliability.

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How to Determine if Your Laptop Screen is Original

Laptop screens are critical components, and verifying their authenticity is essential for quality assurance. Here are some frequently asked questions about checking if a laptop screen is original:

1. Why is it important to verify the authenticity of a laptop screen?

Ensuring your laptop screen is original guarantees quality, compatibility, and longevity. Non-original screens may not perform optimally or fit perfectly, potentially leading to issues like poor display quality or compatibility problems.

2. How can I check if my laptop screen is original?

  • Serial Numbers: Original screens often come with unique serial numbers. Locate and verify this serial number with the manufacturer or their official website.
  • Brand Labels: Look for brand logos or labels on the screen. Authentic screens usually have clear branding indicating the manufacturer.
  • Physical Inspection: Examine the screen for any irregularities or differences from the original. Original screens typically match the laptop’s specifications precisely.

3. Are there any specific tools or methods to verify screen authenticity?

  • Online Verification Tools: Some manufacturers provide online tools where you can input the screen’s serial number to verify authenticity. Check the manufacturer’s website for such resources.
  • Consulting Experts: If uncertain, seek advice from professional technicians or experts in laptop hardware. Their experience can often help identify original components.

4. What are the risks of using a non-original laptop screen?

  • Compatibility Issues: Non-original screens might not fit perfectly or work seamlessly with your laptop, leading to compatibility problems.
  • Reduced Quality: Display quality might suffer with non-original screens, impacting resolution, color accuracy, or brightness.
  • Warranty Concerns: Installing non-original components could void the laptop’s warranty, leaving you liable for repairs or replacements.