How To Insert Memory Stick Pro Duo In Laptop

The Memory Stick is a removable memory card design initially launched by Sony. The first Memory Stick was the capability of transferring documents quickly, storing more data & it was in the small form of the memory stick. It was a high-speed variant to be used for shooting high-quality videos & still cameras. Sony used these memory sticks in digital cameras, video & audio players, games, and many more purposes. Before using the memory stick pro duo on the laptop, you need an adapter. Here is the easy method of how to insert memory stick pro duo in laptop

How To Insert Memory Stick Pro Duo In Laptop

In the first step, you have to cut off the Tape about (12.8 cm)

In the second step, you have to tape on the end of the memory stick pro duo (half an inch)

In the third step end to endpaper clip on the memory stick pro duo.

In the fourth step, Tape on the other side of the Memory sticks pro duo by bringing the remaining Tape around the clip.

In the fifth step, you must take 2.5 cm of Tape to secure the memory stick & paper clip.

In the sixth step, push the memory stick using a paper clip, aligning it with the mandatory slot.


It might be stuck if you don’t tape it appropriately.

It might be possible to short the card if you do this process wrong.

It’s your responsibility if anything happens wrong, so you need to remain careful.

This process is not used for camcorders or any other devices.

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