how do i right click on a laptop

In many laptops, right clicking is a fundamental tool. It lets you access a lot of shortcuts and options. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to right click on a laptop and unleash its full potential. If you’re transitioning from a desktop setup with a dedicated right-click button, it can be confusing.

1. The Touchpad Right Click: Most laptops today come equipped with touchpads that support multi-touch gestures. To perform a right click using the touchpad, use two fingers instead of one. Simply place two fingers on the touchpad and press down, or tap with two fingers simultaneously. This action will trigger the right-click menu, just like a traditional mouse.

2. The Physical Button Right Click: Older laptop models and some budget-friendly options might have a physical button located at the bottom of the touchpad. To perform a right-click, press the right-most section of the touchpad (often marked with a small line or dots) using your finger. This emulates the functionality of a right-click on a standard mouse.

3. Right Click using Keyboard Shortcut: If your touchpad is unresponsive or disabled, or you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, there’s an alternative method to trigger the right-click menu. Simply hover the cursor over the item you wish to right-click, and then press the “Shift” key while simultaneously pressing the “F10” key. This combination replicates the right-click function and opens the context menu.

4. External Mouse Right Click: If you find using the touchpad cumbersome or if you’re more accustomed to using a mouse, you can easily connect an external mouse to your laptop. Most external mice have two buttons, with the right-click button typically on the right side. Right-clicking with an external mouse follows the same principle as a traditional desktop mouse.

5. Pen or Stylus Right Click (for Touchscreen Laptops): For touchscreen laptops that support stylus or pen input, you can perform a right-click action using the pen. Simply press and hold the pen on the item you want to right-click until the context menu appears. This action mimics the long-press right-click gesture used in touchscreen devices.

6. Adjusting Right-Click Settings: Laptop touchpads often allow users to customize their behavior, including right-click settings. To access these options, go to your laptop’s “Control Panel” or “Settings” and navigate to the “Devices” or “Touchpad” section. Here, you can adjust various touchpad settings, such as sensitivity, gestures, and right-click functionality.


If you’re using a touchpad, external mouse, or even a stylus, mastering the right-click function is crucial to maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Test out different methods to find out what works for you. Customizing your touchpad settings can also enhance your laptop’s right-click capabilities.